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BAJOS Designer Fashions Consultant Program                     

BAJOS Designer Fashions offers an exclusive, face-to-face shopping experience that builds meaningful relationships with clients as well as colleagues.


As a consultant, you have the opportunity to become your own boss, set your own schedule, and earn an income. This is typically achieved through in-home trunk shows, presentations, and/or catalog sales. 

For a nominal fee, BAJOS Designer Fashions will provide you with a consulting package containing everything you need to start your own business.


As a sales consultant, you will be paid a commission on the sale of each product. Additionally, you will receive a commission on sales generated from fellow consultants you have referred into the program.

The program provide numerous advantages including the ability to work from home, the flexibility to set your own hours while selecting the type of products you would like to sell. For example, many busy moms will schedule their in-home trunk shows in the evenings or on weekends, when dads can watch the kids.


The average commission is 20% – 35%, so if your sales total $500 and your commission rate is 25% you will earn $125 for only a few hours of work. BAJOS Designer Fashions offers a tiered commission plan based on your monthly sales (the more you sell, the higher your commission).


If you are outgoing, confident, and excited about product sales, a consulting career with BAJOS Designer Fashions may be the perfect opportunity for you! You can earn a 25% – 30% commission, with startup costs as low as $199 – $699. Be sure to check out the resources below for more details.


Your initial prospective buyers may be friends, family, or co-workers. You can quickly build your customer base through referrals and effective marketing strategies. BAJOS Designer Fashions will even provide you with several leads to help get you started and serve as an informative resource for your business needs.   


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